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Pupil Premium/Disadvantaged Children

All pupils at Springwell School have complex learning difficulties and it is to be expected that they will be working outside their age-related key stage as they progress through the school.

Springwell believes in the importance of meeting the individual needs of every child through day-to-day teaching by all staff working within the class team and beyond. The academic and social progress, of all children, is a result of quality teaching, high levels of support and provision matched to need. The additionality in terms of staffing, provision and resources over and above the day-to-day quality teaching enables disadvantaged children to further develop and succeed. 

Funding is used to enhance staffing and provision across the school to provide quality teaching and support within a positive proactive learning environment. The objectives for this funding are to:

  • raise pupils’ attainment and achievement
  • develop their confidence and self-esteem whilst improving behaviour
  • enhance their social activities and experiences

Small classes with high staffing ratios of (on average) one teacher and three special school assistants, enable targeted and focused support to be given to every child.

Springwell’s current Pupil Premium strategy will run from January 2024 to January 2026 and will be reviewed each academic year in the autumn term.

To maximise pupils’ learning we:

  • track the progress of individual children on an ongoing basis to identify any underachievement. Following a triangulation process, additional support and interventions are identified and agreed as appropriate
  • are aware of the current levels of performance of all children in each class, including disadvantaged children and allocate resources according to individual need
  • focus on effective teaching and learning through individual and personalised learning programmes incorporating both academic progress and social development
  • provide additional targeted support across the curriculum and school day as required
  • incorporate a focus on ‘learning to learn’ skills as well as basic literacy, maths, personal and social skills
  • provide additional support to enable all children to access the full range of school activities, including school trips and residential
  • expect good attendance

Areas of expenditure and support:


  • Maths
  • Outdoor Learning

Targeted Academic Support

  • Behaviour and regulation
  • Interventions

Wider Strategies

  • ELSA
  • Pastoral Team
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Subsidised residential or alternative
  • Educational offsite visits/bought in experiences
  • Specialised Tailored Resources
  • Attendance support
  • Free uniform
  • Lunchtime clubs and activities

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